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Olhares truncados

Não que estanhe este tipo de posições, mas não consigo ficar indiferente quando deparo com artigos como «Is “Game of Thrones” too white?» de Arab-American fantasy fanatic» que vem mais uma vez "alertar" para o racismo. Curioso é ver que os Saladin's nunca se insurgem com o aparecimento de grupos étnicos fora de contexto em séries de índole histórica, mas que tentam condicionar o Demiurgo.

«And it’s heavy baggage indeed, however much we love Tolkien’s creation. His half-sublimated wranglings with race are more complex and fraught than either his shrillest detractors or his most fawning defenders would have us believe. But there is some irreducible ugliness in his masterpiece that really can’t be convincingly redeemed. The men of the global East and global South (“black men like half-trolls with white eyes and red tongues”) are monstrous and evil, naturally and culturally inclined to bow to Sauron, and to make war on the good men of the North and West. The bestial visages of orcs bear a striking resemblance to racist caricatures of African and Asian facial features. Above all, to be dark-skinned in Middle Earth is to be part of a savage horde – whether orcish or human – rather than to be a true individual.
The savage hordes described by Tolkien have been imported by his dozens of imitators over the years, becoming a mainstay of fantasy in books, movies and video games. It’s a convention that Martin both takes up and departs from in depicting the Mongol-inspired Dothraki. As a people en masse, the Dothraki value only their horses, treating life cheaply, and reveling in violence:»

Para ler o artigo todo: Salon

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Vollüspa, de novo!

Eurocon 2012 (Zagreb 26 a 29 de Abril)

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Prémios British Science Fiction Association (BSFA) 2011

E os vencedores foram:

    Melhor novela: The Islanders de Christopher Priest (Gollancz) 
    Melhor obra de não~ficção: The SF Encyclopedia, 3rd Edition John Clute, Peter Nicholls, David Langford e Graham Sleight (web da Gollancz) 
    Melhor ilustração:  capa de The Noise Revealed (Ian Whates) por Dominic Harman (Solaris)
    Capa da 2ª edição a 3ª que ganhou é uma versão online


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    Prémios British Science Fiction Association (BSFA) 2011

    Faltam algumas horas, mais concretamente pelas 6 da tarde, para se saber quais os vencedores dos prémios BSFA. Um possível vencedor é o nosso compatriota Pedro Marques.

    Fica aqui a lista dos nomeados:

    Best Novel

    Cyber Circus by Kim Lakin-Smith (Newcon Press)
    Embassytown by China Mieville (Macmillan)
    The Islanders by Christopher Priest (Gollancz)
    By Light Alone by Adam Roberts (Gollancz)
    Osama by Lavie Tidhar (PS Publishing)

    Best Short Fiction

    The Silver Wind by Nina Allan (Interzone 233, TTA Press)
    The Copenhagen Interpretation by Paul Cornell (Asimov’s, July)
    Afterbirth by Kameron Hurley (Kameron Hurley’s own website)
    Covehithe by China Mieville (The Guardian)
    Of Dawn by Al Robertson (Interzone 235, TTA Press)

    Best Non-Fiction

    Out of This World: Science Fiction but not as we Know it by Mike Ashley (British Library)
    The SF Encyclopedia, 3rd Edition ed. John Clute, Peter Nicholls, David Langford and Graham Sleight (Gollancz website)
    Review of Arslan by M J Engh, Abigail Nussbaum (Asking the Wrong Questions blog)
    SF Mistressworks, ed. Ian Sales (website)
    Pornokitsch, ed. Jared Shurin and Anne Perry (website)
    The Unsilent Library: Essays on the Russell T. Davies Era of the New Doctor Who (Foundation Studies in Science Fiction), ed. Graham Sleight, Tony Keen and Simon Bradshaw (Science Fiction Foundation)

    Best Art

    Cover of Ian Whates’s The Noise Revealed by Dominic Harman (Solaris)
    Cover and illustrations of Patrick Ness’s A Monster Calls by Jim Kay (Walker)
    Cover of Lavie Tidhar’s Osama by Pedro Marques (PS Publishing)
    Cover of Liz Williams’s A Glass of Shadow by Anne Sudworth (Newcon Press)

    Na mesma cerimónia saber-se-à quem ganhou o James White Award